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19 mai 2018
Sylvio L
Sylvio L

Following a reference from the building superintendent, I called the plumbing company for a quote to install a dish machine, washer and dryer (all brand new). Once quote was accepted, my credit card was quick to be processed, on hold, until the appointment date. nnThe technician came on time, and did a good job to install the dish machine. When time for the washer, he just plugged it to the wall, press the power button, confirmed it worked and stated that he was done. Done? I thought to myself... It took 48 mins to instal the dish machine and less than 5 mins to plug in the washer. He prepared and handed me his final bill at $420 which was way more what the quote was. He claimed he used his own water tubings and parts, instead of the manufacturers parts. Included was 3 hours labour (which I assumed was his travel time), and $30 gas, which was never mentioned in the quote. I did not even have to concur, as my credit card was charged very soon after. nnSurprised why he does not Instal the dryer, he shrugged and claimed he is a plumber, not an electrician! Tongue in cheek, he claimed that, technically, an electrician should be present to plug in the units, while he does the plumbing!nnSo here I am, having to figure out how to install the stack-on the clothes dryer, when I originally asked to be quoted on the 3 units!nnCaveat emptor - Let the buyer beware - is my advice when choosing this vendor.

18 octobre 2018
J Trudeau
J Trudeau

13 janvier 2018
Francis Drouin
Francis Drouin

17 février 2017
Mehdi Yassine
Mehdi Yassine

8 décembre 2016
Annie Perreault
Annie Perreault

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Plomberie Daniel Côté Inc, situé à Laval est une entreprise de plomberie. Vous pouvez joindre celle-ci au (514) 334-1538 ou visiter son site web Plomberie Daniel Côté Inc peut vous aider pour vos besoins tel que : chauffe-eau au gaz, installation de pompes de puisard, clapets anti-retour, plomberie commerciale et nouvelles constructions. ne peut garantir l'exactitude des informations présentés.